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July 1, 2023 | Vancouver

Odysseys and Migration

Odysseys and Migration Gallery

This exhibition recounts some of the unique journeys that are in Chinese Canadian history from the 18th century to the present day.

From Chinese-Indigenous relations since 1788 to the multiple migration waves between Hong Kong and Vancouver, to 20th-21st-century migrations from countries across the world such as South Africa, Thailand, and Singapore, this introductory exhibition serves as a prelude for sharing the integral role and unique identities of Chinese diasporas in Canada.

Curators: Dr. Melissa Karmen Lee, Sarah Ling

Exhibition Design: AldrichPears Associates

Editor: Henry Heng Lu

Curatorial Committee: John Adams, Dr. Imogene Lim, Dr. Tiffanie Ting, Grace Wong

Mural Design: Marlene Yuen

Beverly Lok and Neville Lok in South Africa, 1978.
OUDTSHOORN, SOUTH AFRICA: Beverly Lok (middle) and Neville Lok (beside), 1978

Where is this exhibition?

Wing Sang Building, Vancouver's Chinatown

Wing Sang Building, Vancouver's Chinatown

51 E Pender St, Vancouver BC V6A 1S9

The Chinese Canadian Museum is now permanently at home inside the Wing Sang Building. Originally a two-storey structure built in 1889 by merchant Yip Sang, the Wing Sang Building was later expanded in 1901 and 1912, and remains the oldest building in Vancouver’s Chinatown. 

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