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What does it mean to be Chinese Canadian?

The Chinese community in Canada has a long history, encompassing individuals with diverse experiences and migration stories. The term “Chinese Canadian” refers to people who identify as having Chinese ancestry, and who reside in Canada.  

With that in mind, this resource seeks to help answer the question of what it means to be Chinese Canadian. Through sharing links to online resources—including videos, virtual exhibitions, and archival collections—this learning resource brings together various perspectives with respect to significant chapters in Chinese Canadian history and culture. 

These online learning resource pages cover Chinese Canadian identity, Chinese migration in Canada, and the 1923 Chinese Exclusion Act. The website also provides a genealogical research guide for users interested in tracing their family history, as well as a page dedicated to culturally appropriate mental health resources.  

In light of the Chinese Canadian Museum’s July 2023 opening at its permanent location and its inaugural exhibition, the Paper Trail to the 1923 Exclusion Act, this website serves to direct the public, museum visitors, educators, and students alike to resources that illuminate the Chinese Canadian experience. Many thanks to all of the individuals and organizations that produced these resources.