About CCM

The Chinese Canadian Museum Society of British Columbia was founded in March 2020 as an independent, non-profit society to establish and operate a public museum in British Columbia honouring Chinese Canadian history, contributions, and living heritage. The Chinese Canadian Museum will be a testament to Chinese Canadian experiences, foster respect, inclusion, and collaboration among all communities and across generations. Telling stories through the diverse voices of Chinese Canadians is central to the development of CCM. 

Guided by its mission statement “Connecting to the Chinese Canadian story – addressing inclusion for all,” the Chinese Canadian Museum aspires to provide an invigorating and transformative experience for present and future generations through its exhibitions and programming throughout B.C. and Canada. 


Connecting to the Chinese Canadian story – addressing inclusion for all.

Our Values

  • Truth
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Learning
  • Inclusivity


Society inspired and transformed across generations.

Chinese Canadian Museum gratefully acknowledges the contribution and support provided by: