Qingming: Here & Forever After

Qingming: Here & Forever After

Join the Chinese Canadian Museum in observing the Qingming (Clear Brightness) Festival, a very significant Chinese tradition that began over 2,500 years ago in the Zhou Dynasty. John Adams and Drs. Imogene Lim and Henry Yu share the essence of Qingming as a personal and family tradition, and introduce Chinese cemeteries and burial sites around British Columbia on an interactive virtual map.

Explore the Heritage BC Chinese Canadian Historic Places map to learn about the various Chinese cemeteries located around British Columbia, as well as other historic sites that reveal the rich, extensive history of the Chinese in the province.

Below is the recording of our program “Qingming: Here & Forever After“.

In this film, visit shops around Vancouver Chinatown where you can purchase supplies and food to observe Qingming, and observe a ritual demonstration at the Memorial Plaza. Presented by Doris Chow of the Youth Collaborative for Chinatown and Jeffrey Wong of the Wong’s Benevolent Association.

Videographer: Brenda Xiong

Charlayne Thornton-Joe visits her grandfather’s grave in Victoria and shares about her family traditions to observe Qingming. The interview takes place at Royal Oak Cemetery and Harling Point Chinese Cemetery.

Videographer: Derek Ford

In this excerpt, Dr. Henry Yu shares his personal story of Qingming as a time to remember his grandfather’s life in Canada.

Yu, Henry. “Offerings.” Eating Stories: A Chinese Canadian & Aboriginal Potluck, published by Chinese Canadian Historical Society of British Columbia, 2007.