Seeds to Success: <em>Story of the H.Y. Louie Family</em> + A Tale of Two Families: <em>Generations of Intercultural Communities and Family Lessons</em>

The Chinese Canadian Museum launched two new exhibitions at our temporary location in Vancouver Chinatown in May 2022.   “Seeds to Success: Story of the H.Y. Louie Family”, curated by Sarah Ling and produced by CCM, highlights the family history of Hok Yat Louie and examines stories of entrepreneurship, resilience, and intergenerational lessons experienced by the […]

First Steps: <em>Chinese Canadian Journeys in Victoria + Gold Mountain Dream!</em>

Fan Tan Alley, Victoria B.C.

Welcome to “First Steps: Chinese Canadian Journeys in Victoria”, a new temporary exhibition that highlights important starting points for Chinese Canadians in Victoria. Examples of intergenerational resilience and agency are shared through stories of community support, entrepreneurship, and personal accomplishment.  “First Steps: Chinese Canadian Journeys in Victoria” is produced by Chinese Canadian Museum, in cooperation […]

A Seat at the Table: <em>Chinese Immigration and British Columbia</em>

Welcome to A Seat at the Table: Chinese Immigration and British Columbia, the inaugural project of the Chinese Canadian Museum. This temporary exhibition explores historical and contemporary stories of Chinese Canadians in BC and their struggles for belonging. It looks to food and restaurant culture as an entry point and features stories that reveal the […]